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In this mail video, Stephen messes with the camera's focus, while he and Mallory talk about how good this camera's focus is.

Also, they receive a recipe, a letter, a copy of Barbie as the Island Princess for the Wii, and some gifts from Canada in one of the shorter mail videos as of late.

Mail Shown Edit

Senders Content
Kassye (Recipe)
Henderson, KY
  • Recipe for "The Easiest Lasagna in the Land"
Michael (Featured Letter)
Middletown, NJ
  • Letter
Anonymous Island Princess
  • Barbie as the Island Princess (Wii)
Kitchener, ON
YouTube: Novaura Autism
  • Letter
  • A box of Rheo Thompson mint smoothies chocolates
  • Maple butter


  • Stephen and Mallory have played Barbie as the Island Princess as part of Extra Life 2016.
  • The music that plays for a split second while Barbie as the Island Princess is shown on camera with distorted effects is "Liberi Fatali" from Final Fantasy VIII.
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