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Earlier today, Stephen played Super Mario Maker 2 on Twitch for the 1,000th episode of Morning Mario. Stephen starts the vlog by showing how he was currently uploading the file for the video for the 5 hour stream of Morning Mario. Stephen talks about how he had a lot of fun playing Morning Mario live and how it was special because Mal was a part of it. He discusses about how it was difficult to play levels in Super Mario Maker 2 in multiplayer due to having to download the level every time. Stephen talks about how Morning Mario has been such a constant factor in his life as it comes out 5 days a week every week and this has been going for about 4.5 years. 

Stephen talks about how he wanted a snack since the stream was over but, he reconsiders it after considering how he and Mal had a slice of birthday cake and Kringle during the stream earlier. Stephen talks about how he is in the middle of creating the "Enjoy Coke" ad in Animal Crossing. Stephen proceeds to go to where Mal is and talks about how she was playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on the Nintendo DS after a long time but, she had already turned it off. Mal says that she checked her mailbox in the game and found 2 letters from Stephen from when Stephen and Mal were playing the game together when they just started dating. However, all the messages Stephen left on her message board were gone since the game updated the message board each time there was an in-game event and the board could only hold up to about 10 messages. Mal talks about being unable to even see her villager's outfits due to how bad the graphics were in the Nintendo DS version.

Stephen thanks all the people who came to watch the 1,000th episode or Morning Mario live stream. Stephen talks about how the set up for playing multiplayer in Super Mario Maker 2 is very difficult. Stephen said that he had hoped to set up the stream where Mal's screen and his screen were side-by-side but, when he hooked up Mal's Nintendo Switch it was having problems. He says it might be a problem with the dock or the capture card he was using.

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