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Mallory and Hayley are doing an acrylic art live-stream! Stephen vlogs their set-up which uses the ZS100 for the face-cam, the RODE video mic, the GH4 for the art-cam and the TV to show the chat.

Many hours later, Mal and Hayley have just finished their stream and ended up streaming for 10 hours, so they are exhausted. That being said, both their paintings (Mal's and Hayley's) came out really good.

On the other hand, Stephen and Alex just talked for like 10 hours (and maybe took a trip to Vegas), so Stephen didn't film anything else.


  • "Isn't it fun to know that when you visit your friends, you're going to be worked to exhaustion? That's just like such a rewarding feeling." - Stephen (to Hayley who is lying down on the bean bag after the stream)


  • The full archived stream can be found here.