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Dan describes the baked brie to Stephen. He says you take a croissant sheet, place fruit preserves and brie on it, then wrap it and bake it. It can be served with crackers, bread, or apple slices. Stephen and Mallory came over to Dan and Lindsey's house to watch the Packers vs Seahawks football game.

Currently, it is the 2nd quarter and the Packers are at 14 and the Seahawks are at 3. Stephen says that he wants the Seahawks to win, but it's not because he doesn't like the Packers. He says that since he is legally obligated to like the Packers since he married a Wisconsinite. Stephen just wanted to see some drama in the game since it would be interesting to see the Seahawks make a comeback.

Stephen and Dan agree that Leia's being really good by not jumping around. He then shows Lindsey and says that she wasn't able to join them for Lunch Bunch on Day 3698, but she's here now. Stephen says that Mal and Lindsey are both legally obligated to like the Packers since they are both from Wisconsin.

Stephen was very angry with how the game ended. He doesn't understand all the rules of football, but towards the end of the game the Seahawks came back and had 23 points while the Packers had 28 points. There was about 2 minutes left, and the Packers didn't really do anything and then they just won. So, it was an anticlimactic win since they just sat and won. Mal and Lindsey agreed that the most exciting part of the game was the beginning of the 2nd half. Stephen then says that he refuses to believe that Aaron Rodgers is 36 years old since he looked 55.

On the drive home, the streets were foggy. Stephen says that this dark and foggy atmosphere is similar to the atmosphere in the Silent Hill game. Stephen mentions that there was a Taco Bell ad they saw while watching the game which made them want to get Taco Bell before going home. Then, he mentions that today is a special day in StephenVlog history since 10 years ago he had pranked Alex using Dan's social media account. This became the infamous I AM DAN vlog which inspired the "1962 Was A Long Time Ago" shirt. Stephen says that they had switched shirt providers and had gotten rid of all the old shirt designs, so they made a new design for the "1962 Was A Long Time Ago" shirt that is available in the Stephen Shop.

Back at home, they were both eating what they ordered from Taco Bell. Stephen says that he doesn't really know what's on the menu at Taco Bell since for the last several years he has only ordered the $5 box. The contents of the $5 box constantly changes, but it's always a good deal since the prices for individual items as gone up.

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  • The Green Bay Packers are a professional American football team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
  • Aaron Charles Rodgers is an American football quarterback for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.
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