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Sagan is making himself home on Stephen's lap. It is the first day of the month and of a new year, so to ring this in, Stephen and Mal, along with Debra, Steve and Lindsey, go to Paula Deen's new restaurant and order southern favorites in family-style, y'all. It was really delicious, but the number of Paula Deen standees and merch in the place was alarming.

For the rest of the vlog, Stephen talks about their goals or "resolutions" for the year ahead, which are to:

  • Take time off
  • Keep things cleaner
  • Catch up on vlogs
  • Stream
  • Keep being awesome -Dan (i.e. keep doing awesome things that make them happy!)

Notes Edit

  • Stephen has previously been to another of Paula Deen's restaurants "The Lady & Sons" in 2011, along with Debra and Steve.
  • This video marks the first change in the channel's history to the opening graphics for the vlog.
    • Phlaarp

      The new opening graphic.

      The previously used all white font is replaced with a green banner containing the channel logo and an italicized subtext for the vlog date.
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