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Stephen says that it will take them a few days to go back to their regular sleeping schedule. They were already sleep deprived before Emile and Masae even got there. So, Stephen took a 3 hour nap today. Mallory couldn't take a nap because if she takes a nap that is longer than half an hour, then she can't sleep at night. Stephen says that he can take naps and sleep just fine at night.

Stephen stayed up a bit today to do some administrative work that is not video editing related since they haven't been able to work with Emile and Masae visiting. Mal went to bed a couple of hours. Stephen says that now he is going to clean up the office since it's messy from them recording the December mail video. He also has to catalogue all the games they received from VlogMail and the games Emile gave them. Additionally, he will have to sort all of the things they received in mail into different piles. The different piles determine where the items will go in the house. For example, snacks will go in the snack crate, coffee will go in the coffee bar, and board games will go on the shelves.

Then, he talks about how he is almost caught up on vlogs in the current timeline. He will release a vlog soon where he talks about how they haven't been caught up on vlogs since before their Japan trip. He then talks about how he needs to clean up the office in general. He still has the Hackintosh out from when he was getting files off of different drives to make his back-ups. There are also cables everywhere in the office.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • A Hackintosh is a computer that runs an Apple Macintosh operating system
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