46 Degrees (Day 18 - 12 12 09)

46 Degrees (Day 18 - 12 12 09)

46 Degrees (Day 18 - 12/12/09)
Date: December 12th, 2009
Running Time: 1:46

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  • Sam's Club
  • Stephen's parent's car


The vlog starts out with Stephen in Sam's Club. He states that him and his family had to come back to the store to purchase the strawberries they had heard were restocked. The reason why they needed strawberries is explained in Day 17. Later in the store Stephen's Mother finds a purchasable object that her dad had bought for her mother many years ago.

The trio is later seen in the car. They had just came from Sam's Club. Steven's Father had drove to the entrance/exit of the store to pick Stephen and his mother up. When the two entered the car, Stephen's Father claimed they stated it was snowing. Skeptical, Stephen's Dad said he had checked the thermometer, which read 46° (most likely Fahrenheit considering Stephen lives in the United States)(hence the title of the vlog), increasing the father's skepticism of the possibility of snow. Thus ends the vlog.


  • The title of this vlog comes from Stephen's Father reading what the thermostat measured in the car, 46 Degrees.