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Stephen, Mallory, Masae and Emile go to the Blick Store and have lunch together, before Stephen and Mallory leave Emile and Masae bouncing in the cold. Legend has it they're still jumping to this day.

Stephen and Mal drive to Birmingham, AL to visit Alex and Hayley and meet Laika, Alex and Hayley's dog, for the first time. Laika is a Good Dog, though she has an anxiety problem. Also, Dan has also come up to Birmingham to visit! (Just kidding.) Legend has it that Dan was not outside the door.

They get some dinner at The Fish Market Restaurant, and then go to a They Might Be Giants concert and have a really good time.


  • The vlog title comes from one of the lead singers describing their drummer as being built of "500 Tiny Phil Collins".
  • The day after this vlog, Stephen released a vlog from the New Timeline which starts with Stephen filming himself and Dan, as he announces that "Dan's here", referencing Stephen pretending that Dan was also in Birmingham.
  • They Might Be Giants is Stephen's favorite band. He's been to two of their concerts prior to this one in 2010 and in 2012. Alex joined him to see the concert in 2010 and came to like TMBG after that concert.