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Stephen and Mal are 50 games (more like 46 games) away from completing their GameCube (GCN) game collection!

3 years ago, they focused on completing their N64 collection. Now they want to work on their GCN game collection because they will be playing GCN games for Extra Life 2018.

They obtained a lot of their GCN games this year during their road trip in April. They've also gotten a lot of games in mail, such that with the help of their viewers, they will most likely finish the collection by November.

That being said, they probably won't complete the collection entirely because some of the games they need to finish it are really rare. Also, he might look into collecting the Interactive Demo Disks for the GCN after finishing the game collection.


  • The complete list of GameCube games they are missing can be checked by looking up their video game collection.