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Dan is over at the house, and so are Alex and Hayley! The five of them head over to Ledo Pizza for a pizza dinner.

Later, Alex and Hayley stand creepily side by side in the entryway of Stephen and Mal's house. Also, Hayley attempts to voice Kepler's (Kenneth's) thoughts and suggests that Kepler is so confused about his life to the point that he thinks he's on the moon.


  • "Ope, just gonna SNEAK right past ya dere." - Hayley
    • "Ope, just gonna SNEAK!" - Mal
    • "Ope, ope!" - Hayley
  • "Meeeeowww help me! I am so confused! Who are you?? AM I ON THE MOON??" - Hayley (impersonating Kepler)


  • The day before this vlog, Stephen released a vlog from the Old Timeline, in which Stephen and Mal visit Alex and Hayley in Birmingham and Stephen pretends that Dan is also in Birmingham. Stephen references that at the start of this vlog by filming himself and Dan while announcing that "Dan's here."