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This week on The Lunch Bunch, Stephen and Mal and friends have lunch at Five Guys. Also as of four weeks ago, Jarrett is a father to his baby girl Diana!

Some time later, Stephen and Mal have chips and salsa for dinner, while Stephen talks about Mal's many allergies, including adhesives. Whenever she puts on a band-aid, the part of skin that touches the adhesive will develop a rash.

So Mal bought some new band-aids today to try and prevent that from happening with the band-aids she's been using for her biopsy wounds, which had started to make her skin red and itchy.


  • Mallory is also allergic to peanuts (which she can't eat but can be around), latex (which she cannot be around), bug bites and some antibiotics.
  • The bandages she bought were the 3M Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin Bandages (to use) and the CVS Health Gentle Silicone Bandages (as backup).