April 2016 - StephenMail

April 2016 - StephenMail

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Senders Content

Justine (Featured Letter)
Peterborough, Ontario
YouTube: N/A

  • Letter
  • Wedding Invitation
Littlefield, TX
Youtube: Firestar1992     
  • Letter
  • RWBY DVD Series 1 & 2
  • Plush of Ruby Rose from RWBY
Calgary, Alberta
Youtube: Spiffleh                         
  • Letter
  • Six handmade paper flowers
  • Snacks
    • Chips: Ruffles All Dressed, Old Dutch Ketchup Chips
    • Rockets (called Smarties in the US)
    • Smarties (UK version)
    • Coffee Crisp
Philadelphia, PA
Youtube: N/A 
  • Letter
  • EarthBound shirt for Stephen's birthday
  • Pink scarf from Rome for Mal's birthday
  • Two-star Dragon Ball from Dragon Ball
Philadelphia, PA
Youtube: Buttercupisevil
  • Letter
  • Dragon Ball Z socks 
Normal, IL
Youtube: N/A
  • Letter
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix (PS3/PS4)
Mary Kate
Seattle, WA
Youtube: peachprincess3
  • Letter
  • Jones Soda Limited Edition: Birthday Cake Flavor
  • Fan art of Cat Princess Peach
San Francisco, CA
Youtube: ck14500                    
  • Letter + cautionary ticket/note on cardboard
  • Amiibo of Metal Mario
  • Mal's camera lens mug (the mug that Stephen melted on Day 2205)
Orangeburg, SC
Youtube: ManiacalGoomba
  • Letter
  • Video games
    • Texas Hold 'em Poker (GBA)
    • Namco Museum (GBA)
    • Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective (GBA)
    • Van Helsing (GBA)
    • Lord Of The Ring: Return Of The King (GBA)
    • Lord Of The Ring: Fellowship Of The Ring (GBA)
    • Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 (NDS)
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess HD Soundtrack
  • Magic the Gathering packs: 1 pack of full art lands &1 booster pack of Magic Origins
  • Funko POP figure of Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead TV series for Stephen's parents
  • Box of chocolate truffles for Stephen's parents
  • Cat toys for Sagan and Kepler
    • Carrot with catnip inside
    • Squeaky mouse
    • Eggplant
Youtube: TeruteruBozusama
  • Gift messages
  • Lakse Monch salmon cat treats
  • A Silent Voice manga
  • Video games
    • Assassin's Creed: The Americas Collection (PS3)
    • Okami Zekkeiban HD (PS3) (boxed version from Japan)
Ahoka, MN
Youtube: N/A
  • Gift messages
  • Quantum Break (X1)
  • Quantum Break Player's Guide
Antelope Valley, CA
Youtube: N/A 
  • Tabletop games
    • Schrodinger's Cats
    • Dead Of Winter
    • Code Names
  • mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets


  • Both Calvin and John (from Antelope Valley) sent packages in last month's Mail video.
  • Stephen and Mallory actually got Jon's package in person when they met up before going to Alton Brown's live show Eat your Science in Columbia, SC on Day 2327.