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Kepler has been sleeping on a assistant chair that Stephen put up for him. The chair is right next to Stephen's desk, so Kepler gets to be comfy in a chair and be next to Stephen. Stephen says that he realized that it was much harder to work with Kepler on his lap. Kepler just wanted to be near him, so he didn't necessarily have to be on Stephen's lap. Kepler will still occasionally crawl on Stephen's lap, but not often.

Last week, Stephen talked about how they weren't going to take Sundays off leading up to Extra Life 2020 because there's so much stuff to do. Stephen has been working on editing vlogs to keep vlogs caught up. Lately, he has had other stuff to do alongside editing vlogs. However, today is the first time in a while that the only work he has is to edit vlogs. He has already edited and released a few vlogs today. Also, he is holding on to a few vlogs to release later. Then, he talks about how he reflects about the work he's done at the end of the day. Stephen says that sometimes he's disappointed in himself because he didn't finish the things that he wanted to accomplish. But, those times were when other things came up that he had to work on. Stephen says that it was nice to have a day where he didn't have to juggle multiple tasks.

Mallory was supposed to finish her painting yesterday, but she didn't. She only has a little bit left, so she will finish by today. Stephen says that she needs to finish it before Extra Life 2020 because he plans on using her filming equipment for the stream. He says that it's a pain carrying all his equipment downstairs to the living room, so it's much easier to use Mal's equipment which is already downstairs. Later, Stephen goes to Mal's studio since she's done with her painting. He can't pan the camera to the left since it would spoil Mal's painting. Stephen says that the painting is really colorful and that people will definitely like it.

Then, he asks Mal if she wants some tea or a snack. Stephen also pleads with Mal to play a little bit of Red Dead Redemption 2. She agrees and he excitedly runs to turn on the game. Mal is playing Red Dead Redemption 2 while eating apple sauce. Stephen says that apple sauce is delicious especially when cold. It's a good snack and is inexpensive. They have been buying a bunch of 3-packs from Costco. Stephen talks about how they knew they weren't going to have a day off today, but he wanted Mal to have a little bit of time to play Red Dead Redemption 2 every week. The game is long and heavy on plot, so he wanted her to be able to remember what is going on.

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