Baby Poop Green (Day 44 - 1 7 10)

Baby Poop Green (Day 44 - 1 7 10)

Baby Poop Green (Day 44 - 1/7/10)
Date: January 7th, 2010
Running Time: 2:42

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  • Stephen's Dorm


Stephen starts by explaining a dream he just had where he was driving his car and his mother was telling him he was getting sick and needed to take pills. She tells him he can stop for water if he needs to, but he says he can just take the pill. His mother hands him the pill and not only is it huge, but it is in the shape of about 20-30 stacked guitar pics. Stephen tried to swallow the pill and it hurt his throat and woke him up. Stephen then goes back to sleep.

The next scene shows Stephen filming Nick as he is explaing that he is now keeping a vlog. Stephen then briefly films Alex and Taylor eating dinner and watching television.

Later, Stephen is explaining that Alex had just slipped a slice of cheese under his door. Dan is then talking about how he finds it strange how white the cheese is. He questions Alex, who is eating it if it is any good. Alex says it is, but Dan continues by asking what if the cheese was green. Alex says he does not eat dairy that is green.


  • This vlog is the first time both Nick and Taylor appear.
  • The title of this vlog comes from Dan and Alex talking about cheese. Dan asks if he would eat it if it was Baby Poop Green.


  • Alex: "Are you going to eat it or not?"
    • Stephen: "No!"
    • Alex: "Well, give it to me."
    • Stephen: "You were trying to offer me cheese by sliding it under the door?"