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Stephen's up early today to see an optometrist, to check on how he's been going blurry in one of his eyes.

Over some Chick-fil-A, he shares that nothing is terribly wrong with his eyes, but there are a few things he's been doing wrong when it comes to his eyes. Anyway, his eye steroid is ready for pickup!

Back home, after Stephen dropping the eye steroid into his eyes, he explains that he has some eye allergies which makes sense since he's been getting sleep in his eyes in the middle of the day.

He also has a sty! To fix that, he can't wear contacts for the next week and when he does wear them again, he can't wear them for as long as he's been wearing them. He also needs to use better contacts lens solution.

Stephen shares much later that wearing glasses has produced a big noticeable drop in his productivity. He's been so used to only wearing his glasses before and after bed that he hasn't been able to get himself into his work. ...It's going to take some getting used to.