Bad Stick! (Day 2253 - 1 25 16)

Bad Stick! (Day 2253 - 1 25 16)

Bad Stick! (Day 2253 - 1/25/16)
Date: January 25th, 2016
Running Time: 8:16

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment
  • Georg house


Stephen has tried to install some third-party RAM on Mal's new iMac, and it's causing the computer to crash. After some troubleshooting, he's discovered that one of the two sticks of the third-party RAM is the source of the problem.

Stephen gets a much-needed haircut. Time for a...

Haircut Haiku!Edit

If hair falls in a
Forest, and no one's around
Does it make a sound?

Stephen picks up a keyboard in the mail that's black, to help distinguish between the keyboards he uses for Windows and for Mac.

Finally, Mal tries out another new recipe for Szechuan Shrimp.