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They are now in Badong County where they got onto a smaller boat at 8:00 AM for an excursion on the Yangtze River tributary. Then, there is a montage of the scenery from the excursion. Stephen says that he had filmed some large towers that were still in construction and mentioned that those towers will eventually become a high speed rail. He had also filmed some crevices in the rockfaces of the mountains that have multiple coffins inside. The tours guides aren't completely sure, but they think that the natives who lived here a long time ago had a tradition of burying the dead by suspending their coffins in these crevices.

Back at the cruise ship, they are almost at one of the most beautiful parts of the river, so they are planning on going to the top deck to film it. They don't have any other excursions today despite it only being noon. There might still be some activities they can do on the ship though. They go up to the deck and Stephen sees a long pathway on the side of the mountain leading up to a temple. The pathway caught his attention because it looks really dangerous especially since the path doesn't have any supports. He also saw a lot of lighthouses and liked that there were stairs carved out of rock. Stephen says that it felt like they were in the middle of nowhere. He says that when they went on the smaller boat it still felt like they were on the cruise ship since they were still on a boat.

Afterwards, they went to a game room on the ship. They played some games they brought on some mahjong tables. Stephen mentions that these mahjong tables are electronic, so they can shuffle the mahjong tiles. The tables weren't plugged in, but it didn't matter because they don't know how to play mahjong anyway. Stephen says that they had played some games last night with Mark and Rhonda. They ended up playing games and hanging out until dinner time. Tomorrow is their final day on the ship and their excursion tomorrow will be on land. Stephen heard that this excursion will involve a lot of walking.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Badong County is a county located in China
  • A tributary is a stream or river that flows into a larger stream or main stem river or a lake.
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