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Stephen and Mal are over at his parents' house, along with Lindsey, who is back from Wisconsin. Debra has prepared lots of food for everyone to eat, such as sausage and kale soup, shrimp and sandwiches.

Later, as Stephen pours a bottle of sparkling white grape juice, he starts singing a distorted version of Auld Lang Syne and hilariously pours much less juice in the fifth glass compared to the others.

When the celebration ends at almost 2 AM, the only food remaining is a few cookies, some cupcakes and some chips, not counting the food in the refrigerator.

Back at their house, Stephen and Mal show off her handmade snowman cards that she will be sending off as a thank you to her Patreon supporters. Then, Stephen shares some of his plans for StephenPlays that he's excited about in the new year.


  • If not already obvious, the vlog title comes from Stephen intentionally mispronouncing the words in Auld Lang Syne as he was singing it.
  • During the end card for this vlog, a jazz cover of Auld Lang Syne by E's Jammy Jams plays, referencing when Stephen was singing it in the vlog.
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