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Stephen, Mallory, Emile and Masae take on the Bean Boozled challenge, trying each color of jelly bean and determining the 'winner' by seeing who had the least bad picks.

After that, Masae bets Emile $10 to fill his mouth with as many of the remaining jelly beans as possible, which he does to his great discomfort while commenting the whole time.


  • Coconut/Spoiled Milk: Coconut - Mal; Spoiled Milk - Emile, Stephen, Masae
  • Buttered Popcorn/Rotten Egg: Popcorn - Masae, Mal; Rotten Egg - Emile, Stephen
  • Peaches/Vomit: Peaches - Mal, Stephen; Vomit - Masae, Emile
  • Juicy Pear/Boogers: Pear - Masae; Booger - Emile, Stephen, Mal
  • Tooty Fruity/Stinky Socks: Tooty Fruity - Masae, Mal, Emile, Stephen
  • Strawberry-Banana Smoothie/Dead Fish: Dead Fish - Stephen, Emile, Masae, Mal
  • Berry Blue/Toothpaste: Berry Blue - Mal; Toothpaste - Emile, Masae, Stephen
  • Chocolate Pudding/Dog Food: Pudding - Emile, Stephen; Dog Food - Masae, Mal
  • Caramel Corn/Moldy Cheese: Caramel Corn - Mal; Cheese - Masae, Stephen, Emile
  • Lime/Grass: Lime - Masae, Mal, Emile; Grass - Stephen

Bad picks: Mal - 4, Masae - 6, Stephen and Emile - 7


  • "Bean Boozled, more like Bean Bowl-zld." - Emile (as he picks up the bowl of jellybeans)
  • "I'm supposed to be lucky!" - Emile (after losing two rounds)
  • "I have a- I have a make-out session with my water bottle." - Emile (as he chews a bunch of jelly beans)


  • Emile has done the Bean Boozled challenge before with Tamashii Hiroka.
  • Stephen and Mal received Bean Boozled in VlogMail for October 2017.
  • Mal mentions in this video that she generally doesn't like jelly beans.