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Stephen and Mallory get some Chick-fil-A for lunch, and Stephen shares that they'll be recording another Mail video (having recorded one yesterday), so that they can clear all the mail before Cheffcon starts.

Many hours later, as promised, Mail has been recorded and piles of snacks and boxes are left in the wake of the recording as usual.

Anyway, Mal had planned to make breakfast for her and Stephen yesterday but didn't manage to, so she's making it for dessert today.

She makes some cinnamon roll stuffed French toast with cinnamon roll frosting, which turns out amazing. It might be the best French toast Stephen has ever had.


  • Mal's Cinnamon Roll Stuffed French Toast recipe:
    • Butter two slices of bread and top with cinnamon sugar.
    • Put both slices together like a sandwich.
    • Make up custard for french toast - 1/3 C milk + 1 egg + cinnamon + nutmeg + vanilla. Whisk.
    • Dip sandwich into the egg mix and put on griddle.
    • Cook like normal french toast.
  • Icing recipe: