Best Outta Six (Day 19 - 12 13 09)

Best Outta Six (Day 19 - 12 13 09)

Best Outta Six (Day 19 - 12/13/09)
Date: December 13th, 2009
Running Time: 6:16

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  • Stephen's car
  • Stephen's home
  • Friendly's
  • Friendly's Parking Lot
  • A Local Volleyball Court


The vlog opens with Stephen in his car. He explains how his family and him just finished eating at IHOP. Stephen goes on to say that the waitress assigned to his table was Renada, a good friend of Stephen and Mallory who worked with the couple the previous summer. Stephen stated she had been working at IHOP for the past three years.

Stephen also explains that after leaving IHOP, he and his family purchased a Santa Claus hat for the "Ninten Speaks Christmas Album" video, which he claims he will work on either the day of the vlog or the following day, at the dollar store. Also, Stephen purchases a Santa hat for Rocko. Stephen planned for him and his cat to be in the "Ninten Speaks Christmas Album" video, also commenting that Rocko wearing a Santa hat could result in a "cute overload."

Still in the car, Stephen says that he is on his way home, and is almost done with The Nutcracker project that he has been working on for several days. He states all he has left to do is the "...DVD portion of the DVD."

The video cuts to Stephen at home, who teases his cat with the Santa hat he purchased for him. Stephen places the hat on him, then Rocko runs around the house, trying to take it off. Soon, Stephen's mom enters the scene, adjusting the hat's placement on Rocko's head so his "...ears will stay warm," as she puts it. Within five seconds, Rocko is back to trying to remove the hat from his head.

Afterward, Stephen gets in the car to meet some friends at a restaurant called "Friendly's", after he was home all day working on some previous vlogs, and taking a 45 minute nap.

Stephen and his friends eat ice cream there, and then some of his friends begin to play the "light-saber" game in the parking lot, which turns into a wrestling match. The title of the vlog comes from one of Stephen's friends asking to do a "best outta six tournament" when playing the light-saber game. Fifteen minutes pass, and the group takes the wrestling match to a nearby volleyball court. Afterwards, Stephen comments that he was confused and didn't know how the light-saber game turned into a wrestling match, or what the event was all about in the first place.

The vlog cuts to Stephen's home, where he explains that the next day will consist of "Photoshop magic and getting our teeth attacked" (teaching a Photoshop class and going to the dentist's office). The vlog ends with Stephen enjoying soup and chocolate covered strawberries.


  • "...I will see you guys tomorrow, where we do Photoshop magic and get our teeth attacked." -Stephen
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