Booster Box Time (Day 23 - 12 17 09)

Booster Box Time (Day 23 - 12 17 09)

Booster Box Time (Day 23 - 12/17/09)
Date: December 17th, 2009
Running Time: 4:57

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • Stephen's car
  • California Plastics
  • Stephen's house

Summary Edit

Stephen says he is on his way to his former high school in Conway to help current students in the yearbook class with Photoshop again (as he did in Day 20) while sitting in his car. He mentions that Austin will be returning and he and his friends will open a booster box tonight. Stephen says the DVD of the long worked on video of The Nutcracker he gave to Justin was faulty, and that he needed to redo it. Stephen tells us he burned a new copy of The Nutcracker.

Later, in his car, Stephen explains that he was unable to help and teach the students in the high school Photoshop since there were deadlines that day, so he had to fix up the senior page in the yearbook himself. He then head over to Justin's to give him the new DVD.

Next Stephen is at his house waiting to open the box. Once Jarrett arrives, he is ready to open it. Jarrett films Stephen opening the box, and folding the lid of the box to make it appear like the box you'd find at the store. Stephen takes the camera and films himself opening one pack of cards from the box, after sarcastically stating it would be the best pack. After opening all the packs, everyone ended with one mythic rare, and the box also contained two planeswalkers.

Later, while sitting at his computer, Stephen says he created a custom deck for himself, and put it in the sidebar (now the video description) for people to see.

Notes Edit

  • The following day, Day 24, was one of very few days to have been skipped.

Quotes Edit

  • Stephen "Which is very, very exciting because um, Booster Box Time is by far the best time of...stuff. I'm going to drive now."
  • Stephen: (deciding which pack of cards to give to Jarrett) "This one's got the good card, It's mine!"
  • Stephen "We all made out with at least one Mythic Rare which is pretty-"
    • Jarrett "We didn't make out."
  • Stephen "This disc will work! ... Unless it doesn't."