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Stephen and Mallory get some Asian cuisine for lunch with Alex and Hayley at E Noodles, before heading back to the house to continue the lore of Brenda and Barry and record the final worlds of Super Mario 3D World.

Some time later, they've done it! Hayley lies on the floor as Alex and Stephen discuss how they did. They used the infinite 1-UPs trick in the second level and used up maybe 110 lives finishing everything up.

With that done, they get some dinner with Dan and Lindsey at Wild Wing Cafe and then head back to the house to talk and chill.


  • "What I do, and I've found this works really well. What I do is, I take the eyes and I close them." - Alex (after Hayley talks about being unable to close her eyes)
  • "I LIKE TALKING ALL AT ONCE" - Dan (as everyone talks over one another)
  • It is wonderful to spend time with my friends who I love dearly and who let me make fun of them all the time, even though you guys make fun of me when the vlog is off. I am allowed to take potshots while it's on, so that's my privilege. But you are very wonderful friends and we would drive 8 hours and we would drive another 8 hours" - Hayley
    • "Thanks for being a friend!" - Dan (singing)
  • "You're always berating us!" - Alex
    • "What?" - Stephen
    • "You're always telling me I dress too slutty!" - Alex


  • Barry is the name Alex gave his alter ego as Mario, who he plays in the Let's Play, and Brenda refers to Barry's ex-wife.