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Stephen, Mallory, Michael, Nikki, Austin, James, Lindsey, Dan, Roland went to Buffalo Wild Wings for Lunch Bunch. Stephen was able to catch Lindsey on film before she left for work.

Back at home, Mal is working on her middle of the month video. She wasn't able to make one in January because she was still working on the Untitled Goose Game - "Une Oie" painting. This middle of the month video will be about color matching. She explains that it's about remixing more paint of the same color once you run out of that specific color. Stephen and Mal set up the set the way that Mal wanted it to look. The set up includes a front-facing camera and an overhead camera. Stephen had to use Mal's C-stand to connect to the cage on side of the camera for the overhead shot.

Mal usually captures her audio with the ZOOM H4n Pro Audio Recorder which allows them to capture XLR which the GH4 camera cannot usually capture. They connect the audio recorder to the Sennheiser MKE 600 microphone to record the audio. It is the same microphone they use for Breakfast Stream. So, the audio goes through the microphone to XLR and out to 3.5mm into the GH4 camera. This allows them to sync the sound without having to sync it in post-production. However, this time they are also using the Black Magic camera, so they can plug the microphone directly into the Black Magic camera to capture the audio. Stephen normally would've connected the microphone into the shoe mount of the camera, but the shoe mount was blocked by the solid-state drive. He hopes that Mal's video doesn't take too long as a lot of weight is being put onto the screw thread of the cage from the camera and microphone. C-stands are designed for this, but he isn't sure what the weight limit is so he's worried it might break.

Later, Stephen edited some videos and Mal finished her video without the C-stand breaking. Stephen says that a higher quality C-stand could probably handle that amount of weight, but he wasn't sure how much weight their C-stand could handle. He says that it's also possible to maybe connect the 2 C-stands to the camera, so that it's more stable. Stephen says that they key thing they did was to connect the C-stand to the camera cage instead of directly into the camera. This is because depending on the weight you can destroy parts of the camera. He talks about how Jarrett had connected something to the shoe mount of his camera when he was doing photography a few years ago. He says that Jarrett put something on the shoe mount that was too much for the shoe mount to handle and it ripped the shoe mount out of the camera. So, he tells viewers to be careful if they are going to do something like this.

They have chicken fajitas with vegetables. Mal checks the temperature of the chicken to make sure it's cooked since she doesn't usually broil chicken. Stephen mentions that they also had beef tacos a few nights ago, but this is completely different. They say that they both like tortillas and Mexican food in general. Mal was able to finish 2 of her fajitas while Stephen was preparing his fajitas. Stephen says that they put on to much pepper mix. But, he says that the flavor is really good even though they didn't do anything special with it. Stephen describes all the ingredients and steps they used for the chicken fajitas. He then says that these fajitas would taste even better with lime. Mal mentions that this is actually her quesadilla recipe and it's supposed to have a quesadilla filling. But, that was extra work and these fajitas were just as good.

Debra had stopped by earlier to give them chocolate covered strawberries. Stephen says that his mom does this every year and she has been doing this for almost as long as he and Mal have been together. He says that it's very sweet of his mom to do this, but she always gives them too many. Stephen says that there are enough strawberries for 20 people. But, it is typical of his mom to give them too much food. He is appreciative that his mom does this for them and says that they are always delicious. Debra made them today and wanted to give it to them right away because they taste better fresh. Mal takes the ribbon off the container with the strawberries and puts it on Stephen's head. Stephen says that he has been dealing with some teeth sensitivity lately, so he's not sure how many of these he will be able to eat. He has a dentist appointment coming up soon, so he will see if everything is alright with his teeth. Stephen tries the strawberries and says they are really good. He says that they might need some help to eat it since there are so many. It just turned midnight, so they wish each other a "Happy Valentine's Day".

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • A cage is an open metal casing for your camera with multiple screw threads for attaching accessories.
  • XLR stands for "External Line Return"
  • A shoe mount is a mounting point on the top of a camera to attach a flash unit and other compatible accessories.
  • A solid-state drive is a storage device that stores data typically using flash memory, and functions as secondary storage in the hierarchy of computer storage.
  • Chicken Fajitas Recipe
    • Ingredients:
      • 1 Green Bell Pepper
      • 1 Orange Bell Pepper
      • 1 Sweet Onion
      • 3 Packets of Fajita Seasoning
      • 2 Pounds of Chicken
      • Tortillas
      • Optional: Cheese, Sour Cream
    • Instructions:
      • Cut up the bell peppers and sweet onion.
      • Mix 1 full packet of fajita seasoning with the bell peppers and sweet onion.
      • Put the mixture of fajita seasoning, bell peppers, and sweet onion on the stove top and cook it.
      • Broil 2 pounds of chicken and put 2 packets of fajita seasoning on it.
      • Put all the ingredients on tortillas. You can put cheese or sour cream on it based on your preferences.
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