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On this week of The Lunch Bunch, Roland and Jarrett say things that cannot be shared on the vlog, so Stephen replaces their voices with computer generated voices.

Back home, Stephen talks about how Kepler hasn't been able to sneeze for the past few days. In contrast, Sagan will sneeze in Stephen's face and/or mouth without warning.

Anyway, Stephen, Mallory and Dan have all been working hard and have done well, such that Stephen is ahead for StephenPlays by a week and half. That's great, because Alex and Hayley will be visiting them soon to hang out and to finish off their Let's Play of Super Mario 3D World.


  • "He's only hiding from the fact I'm a bad person who says embarrassing things about Stephen." - Robo-Jarrett
    • "I'm so mad, I'm gonna have to edit that out. And I don't know what I'm gonna replace it with, but something!" - Stephen
    • "Just us all laughing and like-" - Roland
    • "I'm also a bad person who is bad and is not good and creates additional work when it doesn't need to exist." - Robo-Roland