Cats and Games (Day 1019 - 9 8 12)

Cats and Games (Day 1019 - 9 8 12)

Cats and Games (Day 1019 - 9/8/12)
Date: September 8th, 2012
Running Time: 27:22

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  • South Carolina's Largest Garage Sale (Myrtle Beach Convention Centre)
  • A restaurant
  • Stephen and Mal's apartment
  • Stephen's car
  • Chris' Pizza and Pub


Stephen and Mal head out to South Carolina's Largest Garage Sale with Michael, Jarrett, and Annie. They all make some game-related purchases, have some lunch, then stop by Player's Choice where Stephen picks up a Sega CD. Stephen shows off their purchases, which includes a Pocahontas glass for his father (the one that he always uses has completely faded).

Afterwards, Stephen and Mal go to a cat shelter to look (LOOK!) at cats. They end up bringing home Sagan and Kepler (who were named Kronos and Siddhartha/Sid at the time). Kepler begins his long tirade of shenanigans almost immediately by treading his feces all over the house after pooping on the futon. Stephen's parents come over to see the cats and the four go to dinner at Chris'. Stephen finishes the evening by working on Pokémon and formally naming the cats "Kepler" and "Sagan".


  • This is the first time Sagan and Kepler appear on the vlog.
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