Chaz Estell

A picture of Chaz.

Chaz is one of Stephen's friends from

Before StephenVlog started, Chaz voiced Paula's dad in Fobbies are Borange and starred as the bus driver in Fobbies are Borange: THE MOVIE.

Chaz was first mentioned on the vlog on Day 168, and first appeared on the vlog on Day 244

Alongside his husband Jeff, he has co-hosted "Cheffcon" (Chaz-and-Jeff-con) numerous times at their home in Muncie, IN. He and Jeff have also appeared many times in the Stephen & Friends series on StephenPlays.

He has programmed online versions of Broken Picturephone, Joking Hazard, and 1,000 Blank White Cards, which has allowed Stephen to bring these games to Stephen & Friends.

He is a fellow cat lover, owning three cats: Elspeth, Venser, and Koth.

He used to do theatre, and demonstrated his acting prowess with Thomas during a Breakfast Stream during Cheffcon 2018.


  • Chaz introduced Stephen to Magic: the Gathering, which Stephen continues to enjoy and has brought to StephenPlays.
  • Chaz always contributes ideas for April Fools' on StephenVlog and StephenPlays.