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The vlog starts by Stephen asking where he and Mallory should go eat food. They decide to eat at Chick-fil-A, and Mal mentions how her dad calls it "Chick Hole" and Stephen reacts in disgust. Stephen orders his food with cheese sauce.

Later, Stephen talks about dipping his food into cheese sauce and reminds everybody that it's the "Year of the Chicken Strip." He says that it is good with both chicken nuggets and waffle fries, but he would not get it again since it costs an extra dollar.

Stephen and Mal finish recording SNES Classics. Stephen talks about the last game they played, Star Fox 2. Stephen talks about how he's never played it before, as even though the game was never officially released, the near finished game ROM has been around for years. Then, Stephen remembered to actually film the slow cooker meal for that day: "ranch pork." In addition to that, they also had potatoes. Stephen tries the food, and he likes it.

After that, Stephen talks about how they're about to film a Q&A, likely the one for November 2017. He says that he and Mal are starting to prepare for PAX East 2018 and few other events, so they are "ramping things up".

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