Christmas Present Exchange Day (Day 33 - 12 27 09)

Christmas Present Exchange Day (Day 33 - 12 27 09)

Christmas Present Exchange Day (Day 33)
Date: December 27th, 2009
Running Time: 10:49

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • Stephen's Car
  • The parking lot of The Coastal Grand Mall
  • Zaxby's
  • Sear's
  • Beach
  • Sushi Restaurant
  • Stephen's House

Summary Edit

Stephen and Mallory are in the car, on their way to exchange gifts at the mall.

They sit in the car in the car, in the parking lot outside of Zaxby's. Mallory jokes(?) that the people outside the restaurant that they're looking at are a homeless man and a hooker. She says that they need money to buy drugs and eat at Zaxby's. Stephen says that you shouldn't eat at Zaxby's too much, or people will think you're on drugs.

In Zaxby's Stephen talks about the restaurant, which he likes. He mentions that Mallory (who is from Wisconsin) doesn't like spicy foods. He thinks it's a tendency of people from the midwest because his roommate Taylor (who is from Michigan) does not care for spicy food either.

In the parking lot of Zaxby's, Stephen has found three discarded condoms on the ground.

Inside the mall, Stephen has gone to Ross, and is now in Sears. He has made it to two of the stores that he needed to make exhanges at. He's about done. Mallory looks at some fuzzy slippers. He also has some gift cards to spend. He has to spend them because Sears won't just give him the cash. Mallory tries on clothes. Stephen doesn't like clothes shopping. Mallory didn't like the way any of the clothes fit. Stephen notices a chart used to keep track of when the fitting rooms were cleaned. The chart stops halfway through October, so Stephen jokes that the cleaning crew members all died, and their deaths had to be covered up.

Back in the car, their business at the mall complete, Stephen sighs deeply and says he's tired.

Not so tired, apparently, that he couldn't make a trip to Best Buy to make another return. He tells us that he actually got more for the item than what it was worth. He used the extra money to buy more Magic cards. Making good on his word the previous night, Stephen let Mallory pick the cards that he would buy. It's a good thing he did, because the booster pack that was included with the set he bought contained yet another Mythic.

They're now in the parking lot of Dueling Grounds in Socasteee, where Stephen bought a few individual Magic cards the he needed for his deck and trades.

They stop by a beach. Stephen says he may actually prefer beaches in December than in the summer, because it's too hot in the summer. Mallory finds a small, multicolored shell. Stephen sees a seagull, and quotes Betty's "birdy" line from Kung Pow! Enter the Fist. Mallory chases the bird off, and they leave.

They're driving around again. They made a trip to K-Mart to just look around a bit. Now they're going to the mall for sushi.

In an intersection just outside the parking lot of the mall, there's been an accident. Several police cars, a couple of fire trucks, and an ambulance are on the scene. A car has been flipped over. Stephen calls this particular intersection the "intersection of death", because accidents are apparently a frequent occurence. They observe the scene for a moment, and move on.

Inside the sushi restaurant, Stephen and Mallory show the sushi that they've picked out.

While driving to Wal-Mart, Stephen says that they went to the mall and played Dance Dance Revolution (which was apparently a "big mistake" for some reason), and looked around for a bit before they were told the mall was closing.

Back home, Stephen says that they spent the last of the money on another Magic booster pack. He had Mallory pick them out, again. For a fourth time in a row, she has picked a pack containing a Mythic.

Notes Edit

  • The title of this vlog comes from the fact that Stephen exchanges christmas presents in this vlog.