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Stephen got up to do Breakfast Stream this morning with Mallory, where they talk about their travel down to Emile's house. He also says that the best way to get the cats to stay calm during evacuation is to keep them to a limited space, and not give them free reign in the house. So, Sagan and Kepler are in one of the bathrooms, and Rocko is in another.

Stephen, Mal, and Emile later of them go to Walmart to get supplies and find odd masks based on cartoon characters. They notice that they're not exclusively of Nickelodeon characters, and that they have Walmart's layaway available for them, which is bizarre.

At Emile's house, they watch the Nintendo Direct, and Emile is visibly very excited about the new Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo Switch. They think it was a good Direct overall. They're also excited about Luigi's Mansion 3 and Yoshi's Crafted World. Stephen mentions that he's happy that the Switch will have great third-party support. All three of them discuss Smash Bros. Ultimate roster hopes.

All five of them go to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Afterward, just before ending the vlog, Stephen shows off Emile and Masae's pets, since he's pet sitting for her while she's on vacation.

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