Chuggaaconroy! (Day 703 - 10 28 11)

Chuggaaconroy! (Day 703 - 10 28 11)

Chuggaaconroy! (Day 703 - 10/28/11)
October 28th 2011
Running Time: 7:33

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  • Stephen's car
  • Columbia airport
  • GameStop
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Stephen and Mal's house
  • Miyabis


The day starts with Stephen driving to the airport to pick up Emile. Stephen says that he will be calling Emile by his real name because it would be weird to call him by his screen name, then he says that he only feels comfortable using screen names at the conventions. Stephen then says that he found it fitting that the song that plays in Delfino Plaza came up on his iPod when he got in the car, since Emile has done an LP of Super Mario Sunshine.

When Stephen arrives at the airport, Emile is already there because Emile's flight arrived early, but Stephen only arrived at the airport at the time Emile thought he'd arrive.

For lunch, Stephen and Emile decide to go to Buffalo Wild Wings. Stephen has the Parmesan garlic and honey BBQ.

After lunch Emile wanted Stephen to know just how terrible Sonic 2006/Sonic Next Gen is, and he decided to get a used copy of the game at GameStop. As they are walking into GameStop, Stephen says to Emile that the guy at the counter is going to look at him like he's crazy.

When they get back to the apartment and hook up the PS3 they find that Emile's original copy of Sonic 2006/Sonic Next Gen, Emile thought that he had Eternal Sonata in his PS3. Stephen then says to Emile that he is now the proud owner of two copies of one of the worst games ever made. After playing for a little while Stephen says that it would be one of the worst games he ever played if he hadn't played Captain Novolin. He then goes to say that the intro is similar to Final Fantasy X's intro. He also mentions that Sonic Generations better be good. After Mallory arrived back home, they all decided go to Miyabi's for dinner. Everyone ordered sushi and didn't have anything else.

To finish up the evening, they decide to play You Don't Know Jack on the Wii. This was Stephen's first time playing it, but Mallory and Emile had played it before. Emile came 3rd, Stephen came 2nd, and Mallory won. Stephen asks how Mal did so well and she replies with "Because I know silly trivia." Emile then says "Apparently you don't know jack about her."


  • Emile: "Scripted!"
    • Stephen: "Sonic you got those magnetic shoes."
  • Stephen: "I jumped through some rings. Is that the entire game?"
    • Emile: "It's not Superman 64, no."
  • Emile: "Apparently you don't know jack about her."