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Today is the pre-release of the 2019 Magic: the Gathering Core Set! Stephen heads to Player's Choice to have some fun trying out the new cards at the Pre-release event. He also gets to see Hinkle for the first time in a while.

Back home, Stephen goes through the cards in his deck and his strategy for using them, which are:

  • Chromium, the Mutable
  • Mentor of the Meek
  • Ajani's Pridemate
  • Fountain of Renewal
  • Fell Specter
  • Duress
  • Mind Rot
  • Aether Tunnel
  • Palladia-Mors, the Ruiner (the card he should've used)

He also shares how he did in each game: 2-0 for the first game, 0-2 for the second and third games. He doesn't do great, but at least he had fun.