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Stephen shares with developers how they should email YouTubers about their game.

In his own experience, he only look at emails for 5 to 10 seconds, which means that developers only have that short window of time to get a content creator's attention.

So how can you, as a developer, achieve that?

  • Recognize the fact that your email is important.
  • Use your subject line well!
    • Keep it short!
    • (optional) Use emojis.
    • Make it clear that your email is about a game that content creators can play now.
    • Be specific about the genre of your game.
    • If someone in your team has worked on a AAA title, mention that!
    • Add in something quirky that's related to the game.
    • You don't need to mention the game console in the subject line, unless it is a Switch exclusive.
  • Start your email with animated GIFs or screenshots of your game.
  • Put all of the most important information in the first paragraph.
    • If you need more than one paragraph, use bullet points.
  • Do not hide the link to your game trailer or the link for requesting a key.
    • If you're sending the key out in a email, put it obviously at the start of the email underneath any screenshots.
  • Make key requests easy to deal with.
    • If the key request is done manually, respond quickly!
    • Please don't make content creators log into a page, especially if the login page is set up incorrectly.
  • Don't worry about providing a key in the email.
  • If you can, personalize.

To end off the video, Stephen shares an email from TinyBuild, a game company that has consistently sent good emails.