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Dan on Day 3018.

Dan Settembrini was one of Stephen's college roommates and remains one of his good friends. His first appearance was on Day 40. Dan is also known for frequently saying "links in the side bar" which became obsolete in Day 127 and Dan's attempt to make the alternative "links in the lame underneath the column things" in Day 129 never quite caught on.

Dan runs a YouTube channel even though he doesn't post as much as Stephen does. He is also the creator of The Art School, an animated series based on his dorm life at SCAD with Stephen, Taylor, and Alex.

He currently rooms in Myrtle Beach with Lindsey. Since moving to Myrtle Beach, he has helped out more and more with StephenPlays, going from editing Memorable Moments (Day 1907) to Stephen & Friends content (Day 2514) to main LP episodes (Day 2585) and now to Morning Mario (Day 2927). He also does a podcast with William known as Passing Time with Will and Dan.


  • Dan shares a same birthday with Mallory, which is April 6th.
  • The first main LP that Dan edited for StephenPlays was Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST.
  • Dan has talked about being a picky eater (on Day 412), meaning he only likes certain foods in certain forms.
    • He supposedly ate only pizza, chicken nuggets, and French fries for the first 13 years of his life.
    • For cheeseburgers, Dan only enjoys cheese and bacon on the burger. He can eat lettuce, though he doesn't particularly enjoy it.
    • He also doesn't like mustard, ketchup or mayonnaise, though if it's a thin layer he can tolerate it.
    • Dan doesn't like eating tomatoes in any form unless they are chopped or grinded up, and should not be a paste. Cherry tomatoes are also unacceptable to Dan. (Source: Day 2697)
    • Dan doesn't like strawberries. He still doesn't like it even if it's covered in chocolate as shown when Stephen has Dan try a chocolate covered strawberry on the vlog. (Source: Day 3369)
  • Dan's real name is Bartholomew. This is 100% factual. (Source: the December 2017 Q&A video)

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