Decoration Day (Day 6 - 11 30 09)

Decoration Day (Day 6 - 11 30 09)

Decoration Day (Day 6 - 11/30/09)
Date: November 30th, 2009
Running Time: 5:01

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  • Stephen's House

Summary Edit

The opening shot is of Stephen's screen saver, which consists of photographs falling into a pile. Stephen calls it the "coolest screensaver in the world".

Stephen begins by saying that out of all the "flip"-type cameras, he has decided that the Flip Ultra HD is best for him, but that he isn't entirely sure that he's going to get it or not.

Continuing, he says that on the agenda for the day is housecleaning and putting up Christmas decorations.

He points the camera at Rocko, who's asleep. Stephen's mother comments that "the cat is always asleep". Stephen does an extreme close up of Rocko, and stirs him from his sleep, but the cat soon dozes off again.

Stephen explains that the picture quality of the Flip Ultra HD is not as good as his currently camera, but the greater portability and ease of use makes up for it, and that the picture was good enough for the vlog.

In the next scene, Stephen comments that he has to assemble the family's artifical Christmas tree. The camera cuts to the assembled tree afterwards, and Rocko is seen chewing on it's branches (Stephen sings a little song pointing this out). The camera cuts again to the partially decorated tree, and Stephen mentions that they moved the piano.

The EarthBound cartridge costume Stephen wore in his I Am Earthbound music video is seen leaning against a wall. Stephen explains that it was in the closet, and that they had to take it out in order to get to the tree. He jokes that they should have just hung the ornaments on the cartridge.

Stephen wraps things up by reiterating that he's decided on the Flip Ultra HD. The camera is on sale at Best Buy for $20 off (and he also has a coupon good for another $20 off), so he's probably going to take the plunge and buy it.

Notes Edit

  • The name of this vlog comes from the fact that Stephen's goal for the day was to put up christmas decorations.
  • As previously stated, the giant EarthBound cartridge is actually a costume that Stephen wore in the music video for I Am Earthbound, a parody of Playa Hater he wrote. The video was a submission for's '06 Holiday Funfest, and the song was featured in Rock Candy 5.
I Am Earthbound (Music Video)

I Am Earthbound (Music Video)

The "I Am Earthbound" music video that the cartridge originally appeared in.

  • This is the first appearance of the cartridge. It will appear in the background of several vlogs in the future.
  • First appearance of Rocko in the flesh.
  • Final vlog day shot with the Canon HV20.
  • YouTube user tiramisuki later posted a video of her own cat eating a Christmas tree, and sang the song Stephen used in this episode.

Quotes Edit

  • Stephen: (singing to the tune of "Tannenbaum") "Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, oh how my cat loves to eat you..."