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Stephen, Mal, Emile, Debra, and Steve go out to the local arcade! Stephen shows a montage of them playing various games, including Groove Coaster, Pac-Man Smash air hockey, Big Buck HD Wild, a Japanese game where you flip a table called Cho Chabudai Gaeshi!, HopStar, X Games Snow Boarder: Raw Thrills, as well as Debra and Mal getting their photo taken together at a photo booth.

Once they get back to Emile's house, Emile plays a little bit of Xenoblade 2, which he really enjoys. Yesterday, he also bought a Moxie, which he tries for the first time today. He likes it, but it's very different and strange. Later, Stephen and Emile record a First20 of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Then, Emile finally gets a chance to end the vlog since they've arrived.