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This week on The Lunch Bunch, Stephen and Mal meet up with Lindsey, Dan, Roland and Jarrett to ponder the interior design of Zaxby's.

They then stop by Lindsey's house to meet Lindsey's new dog named Leia. She's adorable, affectionate and loves shoes.

Back home, Stephen talks about how cute Leia is and how much Lindsey and Dan will enjoy being her dogparent and dog-godfather or 'dogfather'.

Anyway, he finished recording everything he needs for the Southeast Game Exchange today, while Mallory continued to prepare materials for her art workshop.


  • Lindsey, Dan and Mallory have all owned dogs before:
    • Lindsey's previous dog, Fritz, has appeared on the vlog before in July 2012.
    • Dan's family always owned Yorkies, and his parents currently own a dog named Buster.
    • Mallory used to own a dog named Triscuit, who passed in November 2011.
  • As Stephen notes in the end-slate, Leia joins Sagan, Kepler and Laika in having a space-related name!