Early Bonus Thing (Day 10 - 12 4 09)

Early Bonus Thing (Day 10 - 12 4 09)

Early Bonus Thing (Day 10 - 12/4/09)
Date: December 4th, 2009
Running Time: 4:28

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  • Stephen's House
  • Stephen's Car


Stephen starts the day by explaining he's fixed the laptop that he received from John back on Day 8. He says after he's finished dropping it off, he'll be working on completing the Ninten Sings: Christmas Classic album. On the way he improvises the "I Love Heat" song:

I love heat, I love it in the morning,
In the evening, I love heat.
Heat is my best friend in the winter,
heat is my best friend all the time.

I love heat, I get it from a blanket,
From the air conditioner when it's on the red side.
I love heat... (unintelligible)
In the morning, I love heat—
I love heat! (x7)

In the next shot he shows that the booster box of 2010 Core Set Magic cards has arrived. Afterwards he explains that the newest episode of Ninten Speaks will debut soon, and it will come with an entire Christmas album for free. He offers a small clip of him singing Walking in a Winter Wonderland (or Ninten's bizarre cover of it, at least) and says that nearly all the songs are recorded in one take, and many of the lyrics are improvised. He assures that fans of the series will enjoy it and find it very "Ninten-esque". Stephen thanks the vlog subscribers by giving them the mp3 to the song early (hence the title). He finishes the vlog by talking about the upcoming Nutcracker and how he hopes it goes well.


  • The title of the vlog comes from the fact that at the end Stephen gives a sneak peek to his Ninten sings album.
  • The clip of Stephen singing Walking in a Winter Wonderland is the actual version found on the album. The small clip seem in this vlog is the only video ever recorded of him singing anything from this album.
  • At the time Stephen made this vlog, he only had about 70 to 80 subscribers, which made him giving the mp3 early a much more personal occasion. Ninten Speaks had nearly 700 subscribers.