Earthbound - "Edisnoom" Painting (Full Version)
Earthbound - "Edisnoom" Painting (Full Version)
Date: October 22nd, 2016
Running Time: 23:38 Earthbound - "Edisnoom" Painting (Full Version)

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"Edisnoom" Time Lapse


"Edisnoom" is the 18th video game painting by Mal on MalMakes.

This painting was inspired by Earthbound, which has played a significant role in Mal's and Stephen's lives. Stephen has done a Let's Play of the game, and they've also played it for Extra Life 2012 and 2013.

The title of this painting is a reference to Moonside, a memorable area of the game in which everything is backwards.


  • Canvas: 18x24 Gessoed in black
  • Favorite Brushes: Blick Studio, Liquitex Basic, and Simply Simmons
  • Paint: Golden Heavy Body Acrylic in: Mars Black, Primary Magenta, Primary Yellow, Primary Cyan, Dioxazine Purple
  • Specialty Items: Golden High Flow Acrylic in: Titanium White, Chalk Pastel Pencil, Ruler


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