Edit (x8) (Day 15 - 12 9 09)

Edit (x8) (Day 15 - 12 9 09)

Edit (x8) (Day 15 - 12/9/09)
Date: December 9th, 2009
Running Time: 2:05

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  • Stephen's House


Stephen begins by saying it's 8:45 PM, and promptly apologizes for not uploading yesterday, blaming it on Final Cut Pro's lack of dual project editing abilities. Feeling proud, Stephen also announces that he's exporting the final copy of a portion of the Nutcracker project he has been working on for the past several days. He tells us that the day of this vlog, he woke up at 4pm (due to working on the "Nutcracker" project throughout the night), and that all he did that day was work on Nutcracker.

Stephen forecasts that Wednesday, the next day, will consist of finishing other parts of the Nutcracker project. He also mentions at the end of the vlog that the Ninten Christmas album will be completed after the Nutcracker project.


  • The title comes from Stephen saying that all he will do for the next few days and has done for the past few days is Edit. He says Edit eight times when emphasizing that he's done a lot of editing.