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Emile, "Chuggaaconroy" is a fellow Let's Player friend of Stephen's (and a very popular one at that). He is also one of the three core members of the collaborative channel, The Runaway Guys, along with Jon and Tim. He is the owner of Kirby and Pippy, and is mostly seen alongside Masae.

Stephen became friends with Emile on in 2005, before he even started on YouTube. They did not meet in person until Day 703, when Emile stayed with him and Mallory for a few days. Since then, they have grown to be close friends. On the vlog, Emile is known for always being extremely generous to Stephen and Mallory, and is notorious for always intentionally ending the vlog incorrectly.

He has his own Wiki here.

Vlog Days featuring EmileEdit

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Relationship with StephenEdit

Stephen and Emile first met each other on in 2005 (September 2011 Q&A). They used to talk on IM, and played Trickster, a Korean MMORPG, together for some time ("Interview Me" - StephenPlays).

At some point, Emile would ask Stephen for help in setting stuff up, like how to build a computer (September 2011 Q&A). He would also ask Stephen to watch through his work-in-progress LP episodes to get feedback (February 2012 Q&A), though Stephen didn't really understand what Let's Playing was at the time ("Interview Me" - StephenPlays).

As Stephen watched Emile develop as a Let's Player and saw his success, Stephen decided to try Let's Playing himself in February 2011. At that point, Stephen got a lot of help and advice about LPing from Emile, who by that time had three years of LP experience (August 2011 Q&A).

Since then, Emile and Stephen have continued to help each other considerably. Emile has helped to push viewers to StephenVlog by featuring Stephen on his channel (for Pikmin 2 Challenge Mode) and appearing in the vlogs. He's also made several appearances on StephenPlays, such as the Mario Party Boards series, You're In The Movies, the Splatoon First20, and in the last episode of Pokémon LeafGreen. He has also given them a multitude of gifts, including a 3DS, an Xbox One, a Wii U, two Nintendo Switches, and one of the rarest GameCube games.

On the other hand, Stephen and Mallory have helped Emile by designing his iconic Cc logo and making a new one for each LP since his Ōkamiden Let's Play in 2012, and have continued to make graphics for his Let's Play videos. They were also responsible for designing the current Runaway Guys logo. Stephen has also helped Emile to put together his audio setup.

In addition, since 2013, Stephen and Mal have continued to visit Emile (and Masae) every year in either December or January to spend time with each other and exchange presents.


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