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After a few crazy days of work, Stephen and Mallory set off to visit Emile (a.k.a Chuggaaconroy) and Masae!

Once they get to Emile's house, Emile shows off his collection of merchandise from the Mother series. He has figures, player's guides, cogs, CDs, clothes and manga - basically it's huge.

Here's the backstory: a little over a year ago, Stephen noticed someone selling their entire Earthbound collection on eBay, so he let Emile know and Emile bought it. Emile had already been collecting Earthbound merchandise himself and this just helped him expand his collection.

The four of them then get some dinner at Applebee's, before spending some time with Pippy, Emile's rabbit, and heading to bed.


  • "Also, it's nice to see you guys!" - Stephen (after Emile explains his entire collection)
    • "Yeah, I was gonna like introduce and everything though, but then you just went 'HOLY BALLS!' and like went in here." - Emile
  • "Thanks for watching. ...Sure, sure, sure, you've basically- we're gonna be here, you get three tries, right?" - Stephen
    • "When you really think about it, rabbit poop looks like dog food." - Emile


  • Stephen first 'met' Emile on in 2005, a fan site made by Earthbound fans for Earthbound fans. Emile's been an Earthbound fan for a long time!
  • Emile shared on Twitter that his then upcoming Earthbound Let's Play was part of the reason why he decided to collect all this stuff.