Epcot (Day 863 - 4 5 12)

Epcot (Day 863 - 4 5 12)

Epcot (Day 863 - 4/5/12)
Date: April 5th, 2012
Running Time: 16:28

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  • Stephen's hotel room
  • Epcot Center
  • Les Chefs de France


Stephen and Mallory have eggs for breakfast and then walk to Epcot Center instead of taking the tram like most people. Stephen sees a statue of Mickey as a magician and asks if he has a name like "Phantasmal Image or something" and then Mallory reminds Stephen that he is from Fantasia. On Spaceship Earth where the convenience of the future is shown through animated figures with pictures of your faces on them Mallory's hair is cut off of the picture.

Stephen and Mallory stop to look at the Butterfly exhibit and then they eat at Les Chefs de France. Stephen sees a table of Pokémon plushies but doesn't know of any their names because they are beyond Generation II which is the last group of pokémon that he is familiar with. Then they watch someone make animal figurines out of candy and ride on Mission Space. They eat at Season's and then go to Living with the Land, which is a greenhouse. They ride Test Track and then watch the fireworks show at the end of the day. Stephen feeds a duck edamame and says that his car is the furthest one in the parking lot.


  • Edamame Duck is referenced later on Day 864, Day 894, and Day 887.
  • Stephen tells Mallory to remind him to see Fantasia after he watches Toy Story, Wall-E, and Cars for the first time; Stephen sees Wall-E on Day 899 thanks to Joel.
  • When Stephen says "I have to tell you about the future!" at the clock tower he is referencing Back to The Future.
  • Stephen states that Epcot might be his new favorite theme park it was previously Universal Studios Florida which he visited on Day 265