Exit 398 Strawberry Plains Parkway (Day 566 - 6 13 11)

Exit 398 Strawberry Plains Parkway (Day 566 - 6 13 11)

Exit 398: Strawberry Plains Parkway (Day 566 - 6/13/11)
Date: June 13th, 2011
Running Time: 6:38

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  • Mallory's Car
  • Chaz's House - Muncie, Indiana
  • Fairfield Inn & Buffets - Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Cracker Barrel - Knoxville, Tennessee


Chaz's Magic Collection kicks off the day as Stephen & Mal continue their 3-day trip from Appleton, Wisconsin to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! Next stop on their trip is Knoxville, Tennessee, and something tells me that there's an exit that Stephen has fallen in love with...Sort of...


  • From Muncie, Indiana to Knoxville, Tennessee, Stephen & Mal drove for approximately 6 hours as Stephen predicted earlier.
  • The end clip is a repeat of an earlier clip when Stephen asked Chaz to say any "last words" except this time a police officer hat is seen flying on his head via Photoshop & Final Cut.


  • Stephen: "'Exit 398: Strawberry Plains Parkway' I love you...."
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