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Stephen and Mallory are in Vancouver for the day, so they take some time to explore the city! They head down to the Waterfront, then stop by The Connection, a tabletop store with a modest collection of video games. Stephen picks up Monster Jam for his GameCube collection.

Back at their hotel, they receive a surprise gift from the hotel management that consists of a bottle of wine and some very nice macarons. The management team probably found out that they were in town for Make A Wish and decided to give them a present.

Mal initially wanted to visit Stanley Park too, but she and Stephen are too tired to make that happen (it's also rainy and cloudy - not ideal weather for the trip). Instead, they head straight to a sushi dinner, then spend some more time on the Waterfront at Canada Place.

It's going to be an early day tomorrow - Stephen and Mal get picked up from the hotel at 4am - so they head to sleep early. On the whole, the trip has been unforgettable.

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