Extra Life 2013 1

Extra Life 2013 1

Extra Life 2013 #1
Running Time: 3:53:05

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Extra Life 2013, or the Earthbound Livestream for Charity, was a livestream of the game Earthbound that was held on November 2nd, 2013. Announced on Day 1408 (10/2/13) of StephenVlog, it was able to help raise funds for the McLeod Children's Hospital in Florence, South Carolina.

Through the website Extra Life they were able to raise a total of $3,432, almost three times the amount they raised last year, despite server errors and the Extra Life site being hit with DDoS attacks. It lasted for 15 hours and 50 minutes, 10 minutes faster than last year, starting from 12 PM EST. The original goal was $1,500, triple the goal from last year, and was met approximately 5 hours and 35 minutes into the stream.


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