Intro - Extra Life 2018 -0

Intro - Extra Life 2018 -0

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On November 3rd and 4th, 2018, Stephen and Mal streamed GameCube games for 17 hours to raise money for their local children's hospital, the McLeod Children's Hospital in Florence, SC. Thanks to the help of Dan, who read donations, and Chaz, who managed their donations, they were able to play 17 different games this year, despite the stream ending early due to some technical difficulties!

This was the 7th year they've done this event and their goal was $30,000, which they surpassed within the first 5 hours of the stream. Over the rest of the stream, they raised their goal to $60,313, which they achieved by the 14.5 hour mark. By the end of the stream, they had raised $64,325 for McLeod Children's Hospital, meaning that Stephen and Mal have raised $124,520 total through Extra Life.

The stream maintained the format of them playing each game for 30 minutes, and viewers donating in order to vote on the next game they would play. Their chat was again moderated by several people, though Hayley did not act as head moderator this time. Also, unlike previous years, they did not read out all the donations and prioritized larger donations.

Since the stream was cut short, Stephen and Mal did a bonus stream on November 24th, 2018, playing the games with the 6 highest donation totals when the stream ended.

The stream FAQ can be found here.

Games Played (Main Stream)Edit

Games Played (Bonus Stream)Edit