Facial (Day 16 - 12 10 09)

Facial (Day 16 - 12 10 09)

Facial (Day 16 - 12/10/09)
Date: December 10th, 2009
Running Time: 7:56

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  • Stephen's House
  • Stephen's Car
  • Marriott Hotel's Spa


Stephen shows Rocko for a few seconds then cuts to him getting in his car, stating we are going on a magical adventure.

While in the car, the vlog man assumes people are wondering how the first half of the play rendered out. He tells us his computer froze overnight, so he had to restart the export, but he finished the first half of the play with no issues (as far as he could tell).

Continuing about the adventure in the car, Stephen says that his mom works at a spa. He is on his way to get a facial (hence the title), saying it's not the first time he has gotten one and that because his mom works at the Marriott Spa he can receive them free of charge.

He goes on to talk about how its OK for men to get facials and that you don't lose "man points". He goes on to say the benefits for both genders that undergo facial treatment. Continuing his small rant, he says anyone who knocks it hasn't tried it.

Still in the car, Stephen also says that his friend Seth is coming home and they might hang out. He goes on to say that everything is planned out for him to teach a photoshop class at the local high school, and that he will do so on Monday. He then rambles about his poor sleeping habits and that he will need to be at the school at 9:45am to teach the class. Lastly, he says that he will be doing more exciting things and acknowledges that the past few days have been boring. He exemplifies that he will be doing "more fun things" by stating that in twelve days Mallory, his current girlfriend and future wife, will be visiting him.

Stephen notes he's slightly retarded while in the car, as stated before in Day 11, which is shown by him neglecting to feed himself and maintain homeostasis. So to maintain said homeostasis, he is going to McDonald's to order a "Double Chee," stating that it is imperative that you call a McDonald's Double Cheeseburger a "Double Chee."

The vlogger explains (while still in the car) that he had an over greased burger, showing the audience the grease that dripped from the burger he ate to his pants. He also comments that he likes McDonald's "Double Chees" and doesn't only think they are disgusting piles of ingredients called food.

Cutting to the Marriott Spa, Stephen is shown getting ready to have a facial. He talks about the process, specifically the application of acid and how it's literally acid that "burns like hell's flames," and how much pain he is in while keeping a calm face. He comments that viewers shouldn't be discouraged from getting facials and that they are usually relaxing. He says that this particular facial he was experiencing was established by Satan himself.

He goes home and starts to capture the second set of tapes for the play, showing us a clip of the first half while telling us that he is currently checking over it to make sure it is free from error.

The vlog ends with him getting a hair cut, but saying he might get another one tomorrow.


  • The name for this vlog comes from the fact that most of this vlog has to do with him getting a facial.
  • The title comes from Stephen announcing that he will recieve a facial.
  • Stephen shows his support for male facials for the first time on the vlog.
  • Stephen aknowledges his poor sleeping habits for the first time on the vlog.
  • Stephen aknowledges his slight retardation a second time (the first time was on Day 11).
  • The viewer is taught how to correctly name a McDonald's Double Chesseburger. This is referred to in Day 28 and Day 861.
  • Part one of The Nutcracker project is 100% complete.


  • Stephen: "I'm here to tell you right now that I'm on my way to get a facial... There seems to be a particular stigma about facials for men,—you lose man points—but I can assure you right now that it is not that way in the slightest way at all."
  • Stephen: " I've said before, I am slightly retarded."
  • Stephen: "We are ready to apply the Glycolic Acid, and I use the term acid quite literally. It burns like hell's flames."
  • Stephen: "There are no words to express the amount of pain I'm in right now. It's almost as if 1,000 little needles are going right into your skin, but don't let this differ you from getting a facial..."
  • Stephen: "Really, there's nothing more I'd like to do than get into the fetal position and cry."