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The vlog starts out with Stephen holding up Kepler, so he can catch a bug on the wall. Stephen, Mallory, Alex, and Hayley wake up at 5:30 in order to tire themselves out to wake up early the next day for their flight to Japan. They head to Blueberry's Grill for breakfast.

Later, Hayley plays Crystal's Pony Tale using the Genesis Analogue console Mal received from Stephen for her birthday, which Mal and Karley have done a Let's Play of. Alex plays Awesome Possum.

They all head to Paula Deen's with Dan, Debra, and Steve to have "linner". Hayley says that she has political issues with Paula Deen as a person and Stephen tells her that at least her food is good so she can't say anything bad about that unless you have high cholesterol. He then remembers that he has high cholesterol. Alex passionately proclaims that Paula Deen is a "fake Southerner" due to the fact that the butter stick merchandise there is shaped butter sticks in California. It turns out, there's a difference in how butter looks west of the Rocky Mountains versus east of the Rockies! Afterwards, they visit the Kwik-E-Mart at Broadway at the Beach where Stephen talks about having had a Lard Doughnut on the vlog before.

Back home, everyone is exhausted and ready to get up early tomorrow. Stephen reminds viewers how old vlogs will be released during the trip and briefly discusses when to end the next vlog due to timezone differences with Alex.


  • "Linner" the combination of "Lunch" + "Dinner"
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