Fireworks! (with Chugga) (Day 1318 - 7 4 13)

Fireworks! (with Chugga) (Day 1318 - 7 4 13)

Fireworks! (with Chugga) (Day 1318 - 7/4/13)
Date: July 4th, 2013
Running Time: 19:05

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  • Stephen and Mallory's apartment
  • Myrtle Beach Airport
  • Wild Wing Cafe


It's the 4th of July on the Vlog, and Stephen and Mal are celebrating the 4th of July by picking up Emile (Chuggaaconroy) from the Airport! Emile is spending the 4th of July weekend with Stephen and Mal at Myrtle Beach, and this day is full of surprises, HUGE surprises, to be exact! So what will be in store for Stephen and Mal on this day when Emile visits them in Myrtle Beach? Massive thank-you gifts! Stephen and Mal get a BIG surprise! Lots of moments involving food! And best of all: Puns galore! All leading to a epic fireworks celebration! This day will be purely epic!


  • In the video description, Stephen mentions that the thumbnail for this video is by far one of the best/most humorous thumbnails he has ever made in the history of this channel. He even describes it as, quote-on-quote, "some sort of inspirational poster".

Gifts Edit

Emile gave Stephen quite a few gifts, one of which being attached to 75 feet of ribbon, as a little token of appreciation. These were:

  • A 500 GB (1/2 TB) Slim Hard drive
  • A new Capture Card
  • The ZombiU Deluxe Set
    • A black WiiU
    • A pro controller
    • Zombi U
    • Nintendo Land
  • Two black Wii Motion Plus controllers
  • Two black Nunchuks
  • New Super Mario Bros U
  • eShop gift cards.
  • Kid Icarus Uprising
  • A check for his new logo.


  • Emile: "That's your copy of Earthbound you got screwed into buying."
  • Stephen: "Wait-WHAT THE HECK IS THIS!? *Cracks up Laughing* WHAT IS THIS!?"
  • Emile: "Here, CATch!"
    • Stephen: "For the record, Emile has made at least, like, seven puns since he's been in town."
  • Stephen: "All of a sudden, it just rips everything off the wall, the TV crushes my leg. ... The next clip is me in the hospital."
  • Stephen: "You don't have to pay us for the logo. Like, look wha-you paid us for the logo!"
  • Emile: "FIREWORKS!"
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